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is that how u spell it?anything that just doesnt fit into another category

  fax bout faramir Name/Title: Faramir

Son of Denethor II
Brother of Boromir
Lord of Emyn Arnen
Prince of Ithilien
Captain of Gondor
Steward of Gondor

DoB-Death: III 2983 - IV 82 (120 years)

Race: Men *good*
Division: Dúnedain
Culture: Gondorians

Home: Gondor

Parents: Denethor II & Finduilas

Marriage/Spouse: 3019 TA to Eowyn (White Lady of Rohan)

Origin of Name: Faramir's name is quite questionable. It is definite that the -mir in Faramir's name means "Jewel" or "precious thing". The Fara part of his name is the hard part. Far, in Elvish means 'sufficient' or 'adequate'. If we go by facts and see the relationship between his father and his brother and him, his name could mean 'sufficient jewel', while his brother's name means 'precious jewel'.<


*Son of Denethor
*Lord of Emyn Arnen
*Prince of Ithilien
*Captain of Gondor
*Steward of Gondor

Faramir main movie cast image
  faramir's costume Faramir's costume consists of:

*leather breast plate with a drawing of the white tree, the sign of gondor
*much more

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  faramir description in MY view

2 me, Faramir is nothing more or less than HOT! his mustache, his hair, his facial features, i luv em all. This is a serious confesion.

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