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They were Men in SA who sailed to Numenor. After its fall in SA 3319, they managed to survive in Middle-Earth and in 3441 split into two factions, those in the North and those in Gondor.

From TA 1300 those in the North were often under attack from the Witch Realm of Angmar (the Witch King being the Lord of the Nazgul) until in 1409 their numbers were precious few. Only with Elrond's aid did they survive; they became Rangers and quietly defended Hobbits and Men in the West. The Dunedain of the North were ruled by Isildur's line.

The Dunedain in Gondor were threatened by Men in Harad and Rhun but survived easily, prospering and flourishing and thereby becoming overconfident and overly proud. The line of Kings in Gondor failed a total of five times because of early deaths or irresponsibility.

Then Dunedain of Gondor had shorter life-spans than those in the North and this resulted in a terrible Civil War in TA 1432. Another problem was intermarriage with those not of Dunedain blood, resulting in dwindling numbers of pure Dunedain.

Men of Dunedain were superior to other Men in terms of their stamina and noble body and spirit. Most were tall with grey eyes and dark hair. Their life-span was between 150-200 years though Aragorn lived till 250 and it would appear Faramir lived only till 99 years.

Dunedain spoke Westron and many knew Sindarin and Quenya. They were known as the Men of the Westernesse, Kings of Men, Men of the Sea, Tall Men and High.

thanx to ranger of ithilien

The ruling steward in Gondor decreed at the end of the twenty-ninth century in the Third Ages of the Sun that a brotherhood of nights be formed in the North of Ithilien. Their purpose was to protect Osgiliath from her enemies, namely Mordor and Harad.

The Rangers were clad in forest greens and browns and armed with spears, bows and their swords. During the WR, Faramir was the Captain of the Ithilien Rangers. In this time the woods were often trespassed upon by Orcs and the Haradrim and small skirmish groups of Rangers intercepted and defeated armies of the enemy. For this reason they had many secret dwellings, the greatest of these being Henneth Annun, which looked out over the Vales of Anduin.

After the WR, the Rangers became the White Company, also called Faramir's Guard. They were formed by King Elessar to be the servants of Faramir, Prince of Ithilien. Eowyn would become the Lady of Ithilen at this time.


Gondor was originally founded by Isildur and Anarion in the year 3320 of the Second Age. It was built after the destruction of the Numenor with the aid of their father, Elendil, who later built their North Kingdom, Arnor, on the other side of the Misty Mountains.

In the beginning, Gondor's strength was enormous and their Kings ruled over Middle-Earth between Rhun and the rivers Celebrant and Hamen.

Gondor's territories included Anfalas, Belfalas and Lebennin (on the coast) and further inland, Lamedon, Tolfalas, Calenardhon, Anorien, Lossarnach and of course, Ithilien. Gondor had five cities of the first rank. Pelagir upon the Anduin and Dol Amroth; a great ancient citadel in Belfalas. Three other great cities were situated in central Gondor and were situated on the plains between Mordor and the White Mountains. In the East was Minas Ithil, 'Tower of the Moon', in the West Minas Anor, 'Tower of the Sun' and the capital of Gondor was Osgiliath, 'Citadel of the Stars.' It was built across the Anduin and joined by a stone bridge. During the WR Boromir had defended Osgiliath till his departure to Rivendell and Minas Ithil was taken by the enemy in 2002 and renamed Minas Morgul.

Gondor's history was not without suffering.

1432 - Civil War.
1636 - A Great Plague; killing almost all the inhabitants of Osgiliath.
1851-1954 - Invasion of the Wainriders.

Due to these events, prior to the WR Gondor was already diminishing and broken. The only city in Gondor to stand against Mordor was Minas Anor which stood alone against Mordor, Rhun, Harad and Morgul.

In Minas Anor, there were still great Knights of Old. They were few but valiant and powerful, clad in black robes and mail with silver shields and mithril. They bore the emblem of Gondor, being a tree under seven stars and a crown. (See 'Costumes')

During the WR Denethor II ruled Gondor. Though strong and wise, he used the Palantir in Gondor to understand Sauron's intentions. Though it gained him knowledge to defend his people it was the beginning of his downfall into madness.

When Gondor needed him the most, Isildur's heir returned. After the forces of Rhun, Harad and Morgul were defeated in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields he took his rightful place as King of Gondor and appointed Faramir Prince of Ithilien.

There is no record of Osgiliath being repopulated or rebuilt after the WR.


 Aliases: none
Date of Birth: 2983
Race: Man of Gondor
Height: 6 feet or taller
Date of Death: FO 82
Alignment: Good
Parents: Denethor, Finduilas
Spouse: Eowyn
Date of Marriage: TA 3019
Children: Elboron

Physical description: Tall and fair, as the men of Gondor

Faramir II of Gondor was born in the year 2983 of the Third Age, the younger son of Denethor II and Finduilas. A year later his father became Steward upon the death of Ecethelion II. Finduilas died in 2984, leaving her grief-stricken husband to raise two small boys - Faramir was five and Boromir was 10.

Perhaps it was this tragedy which distanced Denethor from his younger son, for Boromir was always the favorite. This is somewhat strange in itself - in bent and will Faramir was the closer to his father, though they interpreted what they read and learned in very different ways.

Faramir read the hearts of men as shrewdly as his father, but what he read moved him sooner to pity than to scorn.

Faramir grew up as a lover of lore and of music , though he was skilled in the art of war and command.

When the dreams came to the sons of Denethor, it was Faramir who heard first and listened longest, being more inclined to recieve this. He wanted to be the one to make the journey to Rivendell, but his father wouldn't allow it.

After Boromir leaves, Faramir is sent to Osgiliath and Ithilin, leading the remnants of the Gondorian border guard on Mordor. He is loved and respected by all of his men, despite the disapproval of the Steward.

With the news of Boromir's death, the position of Captain in thrust upon him, as well as the blame for his brother's death. Faramir defends Osgiliath for as long as he can, but is wounded shortly before the Battle of the Pelennor. His father, driven into further despair and already half-mad from attempting to use the Palantir, finally seems to realize that Faramir was all he ahd left and snaps.

Denether suicides, throwing himself to fire and almost taking Faramir with him. But Pippen, Beregond, and Gandalf are able to save the Captain - and now Steward, bringing him to the Houses of Healing.

This is a turning point in Faramir's life. He is healed by Aragorn and comes to meet Eowyn, bringing her back from her own despair in the shadow of Middle Earth's greatest threat.

After the War, he welcomes Aragorn as King Elessar, and is rewarded with Ithilin as his province under the King. Along with Eowyn his wife, Faramir restores that land to it's former beauty.

Faramir is a honorable man in a time when honor can be easily overshadowed. Perhaps the words that characterize him the most are these:

Faramir understands that even to use the Ring for good would corrupt what was done, for the Ring is the spirit and malice of Sauron, fueled by thousands of years under his master, Morgoth. Faramir realizes, perhaps instinctively, that the death of Gondor would be worth not using that power.

Sam tells him that he has the air of a wizard about him - and Faramir, Prince of Ithilin and last ruling Steward of Gondor, is certainly wise beyond his time.

(taken from theonering.net)

*the only reason faramir got eoywen was bcz aragorn did not want her
*aragorn sent faramir 2 the ithilien, bad idea. if evil started stiring in mordor, faramir wuld b hit first


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