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I'm now listing my updates here...The homepaeg list was too cluttered.

12/27/03- Today I dont have much updates, but I added 1 banner. You can find the banner on Misty Mountains,my other site, just dont think im staeling them because Idid make them. --posted by Jenn

12/21/03-ok,i added like 7 wallpapers, but not all of em link to the right place, but i added 4 keeps and two adoptions at the bottom


12/14/03-Sorry for no updates, but I added 2 banners:chance fr faramir to show quality and orcs taken eastern shorre. I added 3 buttons: blinkie i did not make, and two buttons I did make. I added two new wallpapers: RotK Faramir and Greenish faramir. I also added two aim icons. I also made it soin the wallpaper sectionyou can click on thumbnails for bigger views. Yesterday I started a hit counter. Thats it for now


12-7-03--I added 8 new Banners :Green captain of Gondor to Michelle, cut out captain of Gondor to Kailie, Brown quote banner to alex, Greenish quote banner to Brianna, Ugly RorK banner to Jane, Steward of Gondro to Elise, TTT Faramir to Daniel, and Captain of Gondor to Drew. I also fixed the two banners that were not working and redid one I had done a long time ago. I also added banner styles at the bottom of the page so when you request banners you can pick a style. I am almost done with the gallery and he links page. I deleted the gallery pages 2&3 as they were bothering me. I changed the picture on the David Wenham page.thats it for now.